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Bangladesh gained independence in 1971 through a bloodstained war that cost millions of lives. She had to pay a formidable price for attaining liberation from the centuries of colonial occupation. Mindless atrocities during the liberation war by the occupied forces ravaged the country into ruin. Consequently, in the very first decade after independence Bangladesh had to confront many difficulties. In that gloomy time, scores of NGOs emerged with certain missions of poverty alleviation, social welfare, and overall development of the country and DNBwas one of them. DNB was established in 1997 by Md. Rashid Choudhury, a well-educated and visionary man and is committed to the country’s development, especially welfare for the poor. Since its inception, DNB undertook and implemented various programs meant for improving the living standard of the poor and transforming society into prosperous.

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About Development Network in Bangladesh (DNB)

Development Network Bangladesh (DNB) got registration from

♥ Microcredit Regulatory Authority on 16th March 2008 Certificate No. 0087-00239-00176

♥ Certificate of registration of Societies on 16th March 2008 Certificate No. S-1843(19)/97

♥ Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh(FNB) on 18th Aril 2004 Certificate No. 0044

♥ Credit and Development Forum (CDF) on 31th December 2003 Certificate No. S0604

♥ Bangladesh NGO Federation

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Present Activities

♦♦ Loan Disbursement among rural and urban people.

♦♦ Housing Project Under Bangladesh Bank.

♦♦ Water and Sanitation Program Under Bangladesh NGO Foundation.

♦♦ Agricultural Loan Disbursement


DNB Microfinance Program began in 1997, after an era of its inception has emerged as the most efficient model in the realm of global microfinance for the elegances– innovation, scale, sustainability, and management efficiency. Under the program, nearly one lakh people of Bangladesh were brought under web of financial. On an average, DNB disburses micro loans, medium sized loans amounting to nearly BDT. 50 crore each year among the clientele in Bangladesh.


MSME Program of DNB offers loans and consultation services to traders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs of small and medium scale with a target of flourishing a robust SME sector to usher in rapid economic development. As our country is heading towards a middle-income nation soon it is high time for taking apt measures for a thriving SME sector to create more jobs and increase domestic products. 


DNB introduced Remittance Program in 2014 with the objective to serve the wage earners of the country who have been playing a crucial role in building the nation’s economy as well as flourishing development by sending a huge amount of invaluable foreign currencies. 


DNB Health Program caters to healthcare services to thousands of underprivileged and under-cared people of Bangladesh predominately living in backward and remote areas. Under the program, four Integrated Health Centers and 21 Primary Health Centers have been established in various remote places that are delivering health services. 


The education program of DNB assists the students of pre-primary, grade-1, and grade-2 belonging to low-income households to perform better in classes and in school exams with an aim to curb dropout from primary school. 


DNB Sanitation Program facilitates poor households predominantly in rural areas for installing Offset sanitary toilets by providing soft loans and consultation. Besides, under the program training sessions are arranged to impart the latest knowledge to the masons, sanitary entrepreneurs, and vendors so that they could able to develop low-cost and easy-to-build hygienic offset sanitary toilets.

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Muhammad Monjur-E-Mawla

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